Friday, September 9, 2011

Week 3

It was a short week with the Labor Day holiday, but we accomplished a lot in kindergarten.

We begin our mornings with writer's workshop. The children are doing a fantastic job already with their journals. The children draw a picture on one side and write about their drawing on the other side of their journal.

This week focused on fairy tales. We started out by reading Rapunzel and Falling for Rapunzel on Tuesday. We talked about elements of fairy tales. We read and acted out the Three Billy Goats Gruff and made some artwork to go along with the story.

We also read Little Red Riding Hood and enjoyed a special doll to retell the story.

On Friday, we read Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Somebody and the Three Blairs and compared the two stories. We re-enacted the story of Goldilocks with our very popular puppets (made from strainers). The children had fun taking turn and pretending to be different characters from the story.

We continued to practice building stamina for Daily 5 and reviewing letters of the alphabet.

We got to visit the library for the first time. Our library day will be on Tuesdays. Soon the children will begin to bring books home to read and share with you. Please make sure these books are in their backpacks on Monday night so that they can check out a new book weekly. We are waiting for a new library checkout system to be installed before books can be brought home. We got to meet our fabulous librarian, Mrs. Pustka for storytime. She read us two books. Our favorite was Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes. Mrs. Pustka encouraged the students to Google this book to watch the song and video that they learned. Please click on the book or the link to access this video.

 Here we are in the library dugout.

In science, we began to learn about the 5 senses. We had a lot of fun exploring them. We talked about the sense of sight and hooked up a microscope to our computer to look at details of very small objects. We played a listening game and matched sounds by shaking plastic eggs to compare sounds.

We also created our own music and songs with handbells.

We explored the sense of touch with our feely box.

But I think what we enjoyed most was making popcorn and using all five senses. Our favorite sense was eating the popcorn.

We also used the book Go Away Big Green Monster to discuss our 5 Senses.

We created our own green monsters which are displayed outside of our classroom.

In social studies, we have been learning about ways to get along with others.

We continue to enjoy our math time. We start out with calendar time each day.

We have been working on problem-solving in our journals this week. We have learned that there is often more than one solution to a problem and understand the importance of showing your work to justify your answer. We began our math work stations this week too. This was a big hit with the children. They rotate through centers and play games with a partner as they are learning new skills.

We had a special guest this week. Mother Goose visited us on Thursday and taught us some new nursery rhymes.

Next week, we will begin a two week unit on colors. Please don't forget to wear Red on Monday, Blue on Tuesday, Yellow on Wednesday, Green on Thursday and Orange on Friday.

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