Friday, October 28, 2011

Week 10

It's hard to believe that October is coming to a close and November is right around the corner. We've had a great first 9 weeks of school and are really rolling and building a sense of community. This week in language arts, we had a review week. We reviewed the letters Pp and Ss. We introduced 3 new sight words this week, "had", "on" and "that".  Our focus book was Simon and Molly Plus Hester. We have been working on extending small moments in our writing. After drawing a picture in our writing journal, we are learning to write about who is in the picture, what is happening and where it took place. This helps extend our writing from one sentence to many sentences. Several students have started writing pages in their journals daily. This is a very exciting time for them. We read the books Good Night Moon and Good Night Goon and compared the two. We also listened for rhyming words.

In science, we learned about the three types of energy: heat, light and sound. We have already learned how heat can change the physical properties of matter. We learned about light this week. We talked about sources of light that are both natural and man-made and we sorted objects that produced light and those that do not produce light in our science journals.

We read the story The Very Lonely Firefly and learned that a firefly is a natural form of light. We enjoyed simulating fireflies with our glow sticks. 

We learned that sound is another form of energy and that sound puts off a force that is a vibration. We loved making sound with our noisemakers. We also used a tuning fork to hear the vibrations. We saw the vibrations a balloon makes when the air is let out too and thought that this was very funny.

We had a lot of fun carving our pumpkin and taking out the "guts". We couldn't decide if we wanted a happy or scary face, so we did both.

We read the book Too Many Pumpkins and we learned about the pumpkin life cycle.

And we had fun creating a craft of what is inside a pumpkin.

In math, we reviewed the numbers one through 10 and practiced by making our own snake and mice to practice counting from the book, Mouse Counts

We also began working on our numbers in the teens. We made something called a Rekenrek that will help us practice learning combinations and different ways to visualize mathematical thinking. Rekenreks are used to help develop addition and subtraction strategies, such as doubling or finding near doubles as well as thinking in terms of 5's and 10's instead of counting from one each time or counting on in addition and subtraction. Students improve their ability to regroup numbers when solving addition and subtraction problems. We had fun representing our teen numbers with these. 

We enjoyed reading the book, 12 Ways to Make 11, to help us learn different number combinations. 

I enjoyed seeing many of you at the Hill Carnival. What beautiful weather! Thank you for coming out to support our school.

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