Saturday, October 1, 2011

Week 6

This week, we began our unit on apples. Thanks so much for bringing apples to share with our class. We will be using them next week too. We read several books about apples and learned that there was a star in the middle of the apple. We made riddle books to share with our families at home. We also learned and labeled the different parts of an apple.

We enjoyed reading the book Ten Apples Up On Top and loved trying to balance an apple up on top of our own head. We illustrated ourselves with ten apples on our heads and knew that this book must be fiction as it was impossible to balance so many apples after having difficulty balancing one.

In language arts, we learned about the letter Aa with our friend Apple Annie. We also learned the sight word "the".

We learned about matter and that matter is anything that takes up space. We focused on the physical properties of matter. We did an experiment where we compared the physical properties of many objects. We compared size, mass, color, texture and shape.

We further explored the physical property of shape as we sorted and graphed Lucky Charms by their shapes. We had lots of fun with this experiment and enjoyed eating them when we were through.

We had a visit from our counselor, Ms. Phillips. She brought her friends Can-Do and Will-Do. We talked about how they have some things that they do in kindergarten that are the same as us and also how there are some things that are different too.
We had another visitor in our class too. After hearing so much about "the baby" (as my class calls him), my grandson, Noah and my daughter, Courtney came for a visit. We put Noah on the floor to show the class how he is learning to crawl. He was really attracted to Carla's beautiful red and yellow dress. We also thought it was funny that Noah liked to dance to Pete the Cat's Rocking in My School Shoes song, just like us.

In math, we began a unit on shapes. We learned about the circle, the square, the triangle, the rectangle and the rhombus (formerly known as the diamond). We had fun learning songs for each one of these shapes. We compared the shapes by the number of sides (edges) and corners (vertices) that each had. We also found objects in the room with similar shapes.

We had fun going to the computer lab for the first time. We will go every Friday. We learned how to login with our user name and password. We are using a program from learning.com that teaches us how to use the computer. It has several lessons that are aligned with the state standards for teaching technology. I heard one student say that this was the most fun day they had ever had after leaving the computer lab.

And of course, our week wouldn't be complete without a visit to Hill Harbor. The weather was absolutely gorgeous on Friday.

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