Friday, October 7, 2011

Week 7

We had a review week in language arts this week. We reviewed the letters Aa and Mm. We learned new sight words, "in", "it" and "if". Our focus book was Peter's Chair. We continued to work on building stamina during our Daily Five. Our writing during our journal time is improving. We are also learning to add more detail to our illustrations and enjoyed using colored pencils. We had fun learning about hard to learn sounds called digraphs. We used visuals and actions to help us with these words. Ask your child what sounds and actions go with the pictures below and see how quickly they have learned some of these sounds. The goal is to apply these to their writing.

We also worked on the cover to our assessment book that Mrs. Langham will share with you during parent conferences.

On Monday, we celebrated the 30th day of school with another visit from Zero the Hero. We added ten more objects to our Zero the Hero books.

In science, we continue to explore the physical properties of matter. We learned more about mass. We compared objects in our hands and then used the balance scale to see if our predictions of heavy and light were correct. We grouped objects based on their weight and ordered them from heaviest to lightest.

In math, we reinforced the shapes that we learned by making "The Shape Song Book". The children had a fun time finding objects in their everyday life that were shaped like circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, rhombuses and ovals. Here we are making the circle and square pages of our books.

We had fun tasting three different kinds of apples. We graphed our results and learned that our class likes green apples the best with yellow closely in second place.

We explored the physical properties of an apple. We each had our own apple. We described it by its color, whether it had a stem, quantity, size, mass and we made an apple print.

We also predicted whether an apple would sink or float. Only a couple of students were correct in their predictions.

We also looked at color as another physical property of matter. We estimated, sorted, counted and graphed gummy bears by color. We enjoyed eating them when we were through.

Making applesauce was definitely a highlight of our week. We loved watching Mrs. Langham use her apple peeler. We helped her chop us the apples with our plastic knives. We put them in the crockpot and enjoyed the smell that filled our room.

While we were waiting for the applesauce to cook, we read the book Llama, Llama Red Pajamas as part of the Read for the Record initiative. We are hoping to help set another world record for having this book read by more students on the same day than ever before. We loved looking for the rhyming words in this book.

Another physical property of matter was texture. We felt gourds and compared their texture using different descriptive words to describe the way they felt.

And of course, eating the applesauce was the best part of our week.

I am looking forward to discussing your child's academic progress with you at parent conferences on Monday. 

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