Friday, October 14, 2011

Week 8

Thank you so much for coming to the parent conferences and letting me share your child's work with you. It was such a joy getting to talk to each of you about your child's progress. Look for report cards to come home next Friday, October 21st. Remember that a 4 indicates that your child is working at least one grade level higher, a 3 indicates your child is working above the average student in kindergarten, a 2 means your child is on grade level and a 1 means your child is below level.

We had a short, but busy week. We worked on the letter Ss with the help of Silly Snake and we learned the sight word "like". Our focus book was What Do You Like? The children enjoyed learning that they could read this book once they recognized the pattern in the book.

We continue to work in our journals daily and we are enjoying adding more detail with our colored pencils. Their writing is getting very good. Several students are writing more than one sentence and really challenging themselves. I am so proud of their hard work.

We began learning about the physical changes of matter and watched a Brainpop Junior video on the innovation station.

We learned that heat can change the physical properties of matter. We experimented with popsicles and witnessed the changes that heat can cause on them.

And if you thought that they were cute in the above pictures, just wait until you see the physical color changes of their tongues in the pictures below. Science is cool!

We learned about Columbus. We did an experiment with clay. We predicted whether clay would sink or float. We learned that in a ball, clay sunk to the bottom. When we flattened it like a pancake, the clay still sunk, but when we shaped the clay like Columbus' ship, we learned that it would float because it was less dense. We then tested how many counting bears our ships could hold before the boat would sink. Enjoy the science pictures below. This was a super fun experiment!

Another fun science experiment we did this week was how cold temperature can change the physical characteristics of matter. We changed liquid into solid by adding cold and making Jello.

While we waited for our Jello to firm up, we continued to work on upper case letters in our Handwriting Without Tears books.

We learned a new part of the Daily 5. We learned about word work. We enjoyed working in the centers and making and working with our sight words. Some of us preferred reading to ourselves in the bean bag chairs.

We learned about the fourth component of Daily 5 called listen to reading. We practiced using Tumblebooks at the computer lab. We can listen to storybooks being read to us here: 


This is a great resource of books that your child can listen to. You can login by clicking on the above link and using the user name: austinisd and the password: books

I wanted to share another wonderful website for enrichment at home. It is:

Whether your child is learning letters, sight words or is reading, this site will have resources for you through the use of fun games and activities. No password is required.

And last, but not least, we began our number and counting unit in math. We read the book Mouse Count and we are letting the snake know how many mice are in the jar daily as we learn the numbers.

So far, we have learned the numbers 1, 2 and 3. 

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