Friday, November 4, 2011

Week 11

Wow, it’s hard to believe that it is already November.  The students were very excited about Halloween. Some of them said they went trick or treating for the very first time. I enjoyed hearing about their costumes and experiences on Halloween. We read the book, The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything.  She had clothing following her around and it followed her all the way to her house. The children enjoyed retelling this story with actions. The little old lady turned the clothes into a scarecrow. We enjoyed putting the clothing together to make scarecrows too.

We also said goodbye to our jack o’lantern and cut him up and put him on display in a jar. We will watch the changes the pumpkin goes through as it is decomposing. We read the story Pumpkin Jack and learned about the pumpkin life cycle.

In language arts, our focus book was A Bus For Us.  We learned the letter Tt with the help of Tommy Tiger. Our sight word was “see”.

We also learned a reading strategy using beanie babies. The first one was Eagle Eye.  He reminds us to look at the pictures to help us with clues from the story.

In science, we had fun learning about magnets and exploring with our magnet centers.

We learned that magnets can push and pull. We listened to a story about Willy the Worm and drew the direction that he dug his wormhole based on the information from the story. Mrs. Langham then gave us a picture of what his wormhole really looked like. We used a pipe cleaner as our worm and practices digging through our wormhole using the magnet to guide our paths.

In math, we continued the rest of our numbers in our teens. We used flashcards to help us put our numbers in order and to play concentration games. We practiced making numbers using our tens frames. We got new math workstations to help us with numbers and counting too.

In social studies, we began to learn about American Symbols. We learned about the flag and practiced saying the Pledge of Allegiance. We had fun painting the flag too. The flag stands for freedom. We learned that Betsy Ross made the first flag.

We also learned that the bald eagle is the national symbol of America. It represents strength and freedom. We had fun learning about bald eagles. We also enjoyed making them too.

We enjoyed a visit from our 3rd grade buddies again. This time, they visited our classroom and read books to us.

Remember, there is no school next Friday, November 11th in honor of Veteran’s Day.

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