Friday, November 11, 2011

Week 12

Our week started out with a bang. After morning assembly, we got to go outside and hear the Anderson High School Band perform for us.

In language arts this week, we learned the letter Ii with the help of Isabella Inchworm. Our focus book was On the Go. We learned how people use transportation around the world. We began learning how to write our lowercase letters with the help of the Magic C Bunny.

We also learned another reading strategy. We use Stretchy the Snake to help us stretch out the sounds of a word and put them back together to decode the word.

We worked on a website called Starfall. This is a great resource that is free. It helps students with letter sounds, word families and reading. Click on the link below and help your child at home. They all are super excited about this website. Some have already used it. Many others wanted to try it so I told them I would put the link on my blog.

In social studies, we continued to learn about American symbols. We learned about the Liberty Bell and the Statue of Liberty. We enjoyed making them too.

We also learned about Veterans Day and had an assembly on Thursday to honor our veterans. Thanks to everyone who wore red. We represented the colors of the flag in our assembly.

In math, we practiced our number skills by comparing numbers. We enjoyed playing war and memory games and working in our math stations.

In science, we have been studying force and motion. We focused on movement this week. We experimented with marbles and how changing the surface that the marble rolls on changes the way the marble moves.

We also experimented with different kinds of balls and different sizes. We practiced different ways that a ball can move (rolling, passing, bouncing, dribbling). We learned about the gravitational pull and how the size of the ball and the weight of the ball can affect the speed of the fall and the height of the bounce. 

We also examined which objects spin as the form of movement.

We also had a lesson by Ms. Phillips. We have been using a program with Kelso the Frog to help us problem-solve when we have little problems. Here, Ms. Phillips is explaining the program to the students and talking about taking turns and sharing.

I hope you are enjoying your long weekend. I will be on campus on Monday, but will be pulled out for the GT selection committee. Mollie Snow will be subbing for me. Thank you to all who have returned the yellow survey forms for the district. If you have not returned the survey, please return them ASAP. 

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