Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Week 13 plus

Wow! It sure does seem like a long time since I've blogged, but it has only been a little more than a week. Sorry I left my camera in the classroom over the weekend. We have learned so much in such a short time.

We have enjoyed learning about the Native Americans. We read the book, The Very First Americans. and learned so much about each tribe. 

We learned where each tribe was located in the United States and how each tribe had special qualities. The totem pole was often used to tell stories. The Indians carved colorful objects into wood and told a story. We had fun making our own totem poles too.

We learned about the tepee and had fun making our own tepees.

But the best part was playing in a real tepee. We even had to do our Daily 5 in and around the tepee.

We learned about how important the buffalo were to Native Americans and how they used every part of the buffalo. We even got to feel some real buffalo hair.

We pretended to tan buffalo hide (also known as brown paper bags) and draw Native American symbols on the hides.

We learned that Native Americans made their own canoes out of trees. We had fun making canoes out of paper and putting an Indian inside.

After learning about the hardships of the Pilgrims on the Mayflower, we worked with our 3rd grade buddies to make a list of items we would put in our suitcase if we were on the Mayflower. We really enjoyed this time with our buddies.

We had fun making Thanksgiving bracelets to help retell the story of the Pilgrims.

And Thanksgiving would not be complete without a feast. We dressed up in our Pilgrim and Indian hats and we ate in the cafeteria dressed that way.

In math, we continued practicing comparing numbers, and counting to 100 by 1's, 5's, 10's and 2's. We were excited about our new Thanksgiving math work stations.

We learned about ordinals too. We read the book Seven Blind Mice and retold the story with our pictures. Each mouse was describing a different part of the elephant that they felt, but the 7th mouse felt all over and put the pieces together to determine it wasn't a pillar, spear, rope, cliff or snake. It was an elephant. When retelling, we were sure to use the terms first, second, third, etc.

Science has been so much fun. We started a unit on weather and I think that we have observed just about every kind of weather here in Texas these last few weeks, which is highly unusual. We have made entries into our science journals after observing weather. We learned about clouds and how they change shape. We read the book It Looked Like Spilt Milk and made our own cloud shapes. We even made our own cloud in a bottle.

We learned that clouds are formed when hot air and cold air combine. Clouds are made out of tiny water droplets. We made clouds by blowing our moist breath onto a cold spoon and watching how it fogged up. We also noticed how the spoon was wet after blowing on it.

We learned that when the water droplets in the cloud combine and get too heavy, they fall to the ground as precipitation. We made our own rain in class by combining hot and cold air. We got to see the process of the water cycle in action.

We learned another reading strategy called Chunky Monkey. This helps us to break a word down into smaller parts and look for familiar chunks of the word.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday and I will see you back next Monday.

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