Friday, December 2, 2011

Week 14

What an exciting week. We came back from Thanksgiving break and found our room decorated like a gingerbread house!

We have enjoyed reading many versions of the gingerbread man this week and comparing them in a chart. We learned a song called "Parts of a Story" to help us know what characters, setting and beginning, middle and end are. Ask your child to sing it for you. They love this song. Here are some of the books we read this week.

We learned the letter Nn this week with the help of Nellie the Nurse. Our sight word this week was "to".

We added another beanie baby reading strategy this week. Lips the Fish teaches us to get our lips ready to say the beginning sound of a word we don't know and keep reading to the end. Sometimes, in context, we will know what that word is suppose to be.

We have been learning to sound out words too. We learned a song called "Sound It Out". It teaches us to say the letter sounds of that word, drag them out and then put them together to say the word. We have been doing small group guided reading and applying these skills we have learned. We also worked on the "at" word family.

In science, we continued our unit on weather. We talked about clouds. Each child was given a cotton ball. We held our cotton balls over water and simulated how water vapors rise to the clouds. We dipped our cotton balls in water. The water that was too heavy for the cotton dripped out of the cotton ball cloud and fell back to the water, just like rain.

Then we did another experiment. We put shaving cream in water. The shaving cream represented a cloud. We learned that when a cloud can no longer hold water, the water falls as precipitation. We squirted food coloring onto the shaving cream. The food coloring represented water in the clouds. When the water got too heavy for the clouds, it fell back to the Earth. It was exciting and fun to watch this happen. I love to see their expressions on their faces. 

We learned that thermometers are a tool to help us measure temperature. We practiced using the thermometers with water that had ice, water that was room temperature and water that was warmed. We learned that the red part of the thermometer goes up when things are hot and down when things are cold. Once again, a simple concept was magical to the children. There were squeals of excitement when they watched the thermometers change.

In math, we continued our study on ordinals. We read a book called Where's Harley? This is about a rabbit who is missing in an apartment building. The children search for him on many floors of a ten-story building. The students worked in collaborative groups to recreate the story and practice using their ordinals.

We also began a unit on measuring. We practiced using nonstandard forms of measuring my using our foot to compare the length of the carpet. We began to practice using measuring in centers.

We also enjoyed our new gingerbread math work stations.

We had a great week of learning, but were sad when our gingerbread man ran away. He left us this note.

The fun has just begun! Can't wait for next week.

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