Friday, December 9, 2011

Week 15

We continued our gingerbread quest this week. We read several versions of the gingerbread man. 

We enjoyed comparing them in a chart.

We received many postcards from the gingerbread man and tracked them on a US map.

We made our own gingerbread girls and boys using a glyph. These are displayed in the hallway.

We also used stickers to decorate our own gingerbread story called The Surprise.

In science this week, we learned about the wind. We enjoyed making a tornado in the tornado tube. We also made windsocks to hang up at home.

We learned about why we have day and night and simulated day and night using a flashlight and a globe. We illustrated objects that are found in the sky in the daytime and at night in our science journals.

We then used the globe to learn about the seasons and how the Earth orbits the sun causing the seasons. We made headbands to show that this is a cycle and the students pointed out that it is also an ABCD pattern. Way to go!

In math, we continued working in our math work stations and also extended our measurement of length using unifix cubes. We are making a surprise during our math time, but you will just have to wait to see pictures of that.

Our letter of the week was Cc. We learned this letter with the help of Cathy Cook. Our sight word this week was the word "have".

Other highlights this week included a 5th grade choir performance. We also enjoyed having our 3rd grade buddies come read to us on Friday.

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