Friday, January 6, 2012

Week 17 Update

Welcome back! It is so great to be back in school again. I hope everyone had a relaxing and fun holiday break. I was welcomed with lots of hugs and "I missed you" when we returned to school.

We worked on the letter Oo and learned a song for "Octopus Stew". Our sight word this week was "is". 

This week in language arts, we read the book Mama Cat and Has Three Kittens. We worked on predicting what would happen. We loved that one of the cats was named Boris in this story.

In writing we worked on making New Year Resolutions. We made self portraits and wrote our resolutions using our best handwriting. These are displayed out in the hall.

In science, we learned about the Earth. We read several books that helped learn positional words and some fun books that helped us Zoom out of the picture and into space to see the larger picture.

We made pictures of the Earth using crayons and then painted them to make crayon resist paintings. This was a lot of fun! We thought it was really neat that the atmosphere and the word "Earth" popped out after painting.

In math, we continued to talk about measurement. We talked about different tools that we use to measure different things (scales, rulers, thermometers, clocks, etc.) Our calendar is made up of these different tools and we noticed it is also in a pattern.

We were excited for the good weather so we could have Hill Harbor today. We also enjoyed visiting our 3rd grade buddies classroom for some reading time.

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