Friday, January 13, 2012

Week 18 Update

We are back in swing with our first full week of school after winter break. Our learning was fun and packed with lots of goodies. Here are just some of the things we learned.

Our letter of the week was Ff. Funny Fish helped us to learn a song about the letter Ff. Our sight word this week was "play". 

Our focus book was Animal ABC's. This book help introduce us to non-fiction books. We loved learning facts about all of the animals in this book.

We learned about walruses this week. We started by making a schema of everything we already knew about walruses. Mrs. Langham wrote our ideas down on sticky notes.

After reading a book about walruses, we added our new learning to our schema and we moved some of our stickies to misconceptions.

We had fun making walruses.

We applied what we learned about walruses and made our own non-fiction books.

After finishing our non-fiction study of walruses, we read a fiction story and found inferences in the story and applied the text to ourselves by making connections.

The students enjoyed watching a real walrus cuddle her baby on YouTube. We had difficulty stream-lining this during the day, so I told them that I would post this on the blog in hopes that you might have better luck watching it at home. Click on the link below to view at home.

In science, we learned about the moon. We read a book about the moon and watched a few videos about the moon. We learned that the moon is a large rock that orbits around the Earth. We also learned the moon does not light up, but instead, gets its light reflected from the sun. We also learned that the moon has different phases depending on how the sun shines on it to make it look full or partial.

Using glue, we created craters on our moons. After allowing the glue craters to dry, we painted our moons and wrote down 3 facts about the moon.

The surface of the moon has lots of dust on it. The moon does not have an atmosphere and it gets very cold and hot during the day. There is no water to wash the dust away or wind to blow it. We explored how craters were formed by simulating dropping different sized balls into flour. These balls represented asteroids and comets that have hit the moon a long time ago. We saw that larger balls make bigger indentations.

In math, we were excited to get new math work stations.

We learned about the measurement of time. We read the book Tortoise and the Hare and then we had races to compare which activities took longer and shorter to do. The children had so much fun doing this that we had to have many races.

We learned that capacity means the amount that a container can hold and practiced comparing different sized containers by filling them with beans.

We learned that area means the amount that covers a given space. We practiced finding area using color tiles on index cards.

And we continued to practice measuring length by using our caterpillar rulers to measure given objects.

In social studies, we learned about Martin Luther King, Jr. We read several books and watched some videos to help us understand about segregation.

We made pictures to represent Martin's dream of children of all colors walking hand in hand and playing together.

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. I hope we all have a marvelous 3 day weekend! See you on Tuesday and don't forget those library books!

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