Friday, January 20, 2012

Week 19 Update

I hope that you had a nice long weekend. It was great to stay home and play with Noah. He is starting to take steps (as many as 8 now) and saying more words, so he had been lots of fun. This week, we had a review week in language arts. Our focus book was the Mole and the Baby Bird and our sight words were "his", "her" and "make". 

We reviewed our beanie baby reading strategies and added a new one. Flippy the Dolphin reminds us that vowels can make two sounds. If you try the short sound and the word doesn't make sense, flip the sound and try the long vowel sound and see if the word makes sense.

Our unit this week focused around polar bears. We started our week again by making a schema and writing down what we already know about polar bears. I was amazed at how much the students had learned about polar bears, just by learning about walruses last week. 

After reading several books about polar bears, we added new learning to our schema and moved some ideas to misconceptions. We started another non-fiction book about polar bears and wrote daily in this book after learning new ideas.

We had fun making our polar bears and putting them on the wall in our classroom.

We compared polar bears to walruses using a Venn diagram.

We finished our non-fiction book today. We worked on shared writing during the week and the students wrote the last page in their book independently.

In science, we finished up our weather and space unit by learning about the stars.

We learned that stars are balls of gas and dust and are different colors. We learned that many stars are bigger than the Earth but they appear smaller because they are so far away. We learned about groups of stars called constellations and we were creative when we made our very own constellations and named them.

We learned that the sun is also a star and it is the closest star to the Earth. We get energy in the form of light and heat from the sun and we learned that the sun is the center of our universe, as all planets orbit around the sun.

We made pictures to put the sun, moon, stars and the Earth all into one picture and to draw them proportionally. 

In math, we continued to work at our math work stations to review concepts already learned. We began a couple of surveys this week and practiced graphing our results. We are now on our 92nd day of school and are eagerly awaiting our 100th day of school. We can't wait to celebrate!

We concluded our week by watching an non-fiction movie called Arctic Tale. The students really enjoyed watching the walruses and polar bears in their natural environment.

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