Thursday, February 9, 2012

Week 22

I am going out of the town for the weekend for an early Valentine and birthday weekend, so this post will be early this week. Mollie Snow will be subbing for me on Friday.

We had a review week in language arts. We reviewed our letters and learned the new sight words "big" and "small". Our book of the week was Alicia's Happy Day. We practiced retelling and summarizing the story.

We also worked on the "an" word family. We had fun making words and reading sentences with the an word family.

Many of us have begun to publish books during our writing time.

In math, tile time was a big hit. Thanks to our parent volunteers for making this possible: Angela, Arline, Maureen and Farideh. The children work with number tiles to complete game cards at their own pace. As they move up, they become more difficult. We will be doing this every Monday morning until the end of the school year. They can't wait to do it again.

We began a unit on fractions. We talked about fair shares and equal parts. We read the book Give Me Half and also When the Doorbell Rang to help us to understand sharing fairly.

Our number of the week was the number 8. We reviewed this number and worked in centers to make and decompose the number 8.

In science, we continued working and learning about rocks. Igneous rock is formed by cooling magma. We had fun learning about this. just like lava hardens as it cools, so does chocolate! This is our chocolate (ahem....lava) as it cooled and hardened on our table.

While learning about sedimentary rock, we made a yummy model. Sedimentary rock is formed by the compaction and cementation of sediments. Sediments come from other rocks being weathered. Our model represented the formation of sedimentary rock, but we got to use food again. First we weathered graham crackers into tiny crumbs.

We added another kind of sediment (sugar) and fossil fuels (butter) and put them in the toaster oven to bake.

Our rocks came out hard and tasty. 

Our culminating activity with rocks was to make our own rock and describe the physical characteristics of our rock. We used playdoh and glitter and added our own shape and texture.

We had a visitor. We loved seeing that Noah has learned how to walk now. He loves to eat graham crackers and had fun doing our number of the week centers with us.

In social studies, we learned about several famous African Americans and how they shaped and made changes in our country. Here are just a few of the books that we read. We learned about Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad.

We learned how Ruby Bridges fought for black children to go to the same schools as white children.

We learned how Sojourner Truth fought to free slaves.

And we learned about Ron McNair, who was denied a library card due to the color of his skin, but protested to change this law and later became an astronaut. He gave his life on the Space Shuttle Challenger.

Have a fantastic weekend. Don't forget that you may begin bringing valentines on Monday. Our party will be on Tuesday. You can look on the Class List tab of this blog or in your child's take-home folder to find a list of students in our class. We have 20 students. 

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