Thursday, February 16, 2012

Week 23

We had another fun week in Mrs. Langham's room. We had lots of fun celebrating both Valentine's Day and Mrs. Langham's birthday. Thank you for all the wonderful cards, treats, and presents. I appreciate them and all of you so much!

We started our week off with Tile Time. This is quickly becoming a favorite of the children. We had some very determined puzzle solvers this week.

Our letter of the week was Ee and our sight words were "this" and "do".

Our book of the week was a nonfiction book called A Rainy Day. How appropriate to read on a rainy day.

We learned one last Beanie Baby reading strategy. It is called Helpful Kangaroo. After we have tried all 7 other strategies, we can ask for help. Please make sure when reading at home that you are not giving the words away without having your students try and decode them. 

We had to stay indoors for recess a few times this week due to weather. We have been doing a fitness program with Mr. Marc. He leads us on explorations throughout the world. We exercise as we learn and travel to different places. Here we are doing an Arctic exploration. The kids LOVE doing this.

In science, we began learning about water. He we are exploring the properties of water.

We learned about sources of water and drew them in our science journals. We learned that 97% of the Earth's water is salt water and of the 3% that is fresh water, 2% is frozen and only 1% is available to us as fresh drinking water. 

We also compared the physical properties of salt and fresh water using our five senses.

In math, we continued working on fractions. We worked on splitting things into halves. We also had fun sorting, graphing and counting conversation hearts.

We had a great Valentine's Day. We started by making a class valentine for our school nurse.

Thanks to all parents that helped make our Valentine party run smoothly. We rotated through centers. We had a healthy snack table, we decorated cupcakes, we played pin the lips on the kiss, we estimated how many conversation hearts were in the cup (Gabrielle won the cup filled candy hearts with her guess of 200; there were 212) and we played a stacking heart game. Last, we got to open our valentines from each other.

I had a great birthday. I was surprised with a beautiful ice cream cake and homemade flowers and a few gifts at assembly. Then I came into my classroom and had balloons, flowers and a handmade class book. Thank you for the gifts and for sharing your sweet children with me. They are very special to me. I love my class!

Enjoy your long weekend and I'll see you on Tuesday (with your library books).

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