Friday, March 2, 2012

Week 25

Aloha! We've had a fun week with a Hawaiian themed book fair this week. Thanks to all of the parents who came to the book fair Wednesday morning with their child. If you did not get a chance to go, there is still Family Night tonight. Here are a few cuties who dressed up today.

We had a review week in language arts. New sight words this week were "of", "not", "when" and "why". Our focus book was The Bear Snores On. We focused on visualizing the story and being able to retell it. Mrs. Langham had several other bear stories by the same author that we read and compared including Bear Feels Sick, Bear Feels Scared and Bear's Loose Tooth. In the last story, we learned to make text to self connections. This is an important part of retelling. After reading a story you should regularly ask your child what the story reminds them of or if you can make any connections. Try to spend 15 minutes a day reading with/to your child. 

We are really working on our reading strategies and sounding out and making words. We did several making words activities and also worked with the "in" word family.

We began a study of Texas this week. We learned a song about Texas to the tune of Bingo and had fun singing this song.

We made Texas flags.

We learned that the bluebonnet is the state flower of Texas. We read the book The Legend of the Bluebonnet and talked about the folk tale genre. We compared it to other folk tales we have read in class.

We made and painted bluebonnets.

We learned that the armadillo is the small state mammal of Texas. We read two books about armadillos.

Then we made our own armadillos and decorated them with macaroni.

Our state tree is the pecan tree. We had fun making these and using Honey Smacks for pecans on our trees.

In math, we continued our learning about 3D shapes. The first shape we learned about was the sphere. We read books about the sphere and found objects that are shaped like a sphere. We recorded the number of edges, faces and vertices in a chart.

We learned about the cube.

We learned about the cone.

And we also learned about the cylinder.

We enjoyed exploring in our math work stations when we finished our daily 3D books. Here, we are measuring each other's length with linking cubes.

In science, we began learning about ladybugs by reading some non-fiction books.

We learned a cute song about insects to help us remember the body parts.


Then we diagrammed the parts of a ladybug.

We learned that ladybugs are symmetrical and we made our own ladybugs symmetrical by adding their spots to them.

Ladybugs eat aphids. We learned that ladybugs have a life cycle going from egg to larva to pupa to ladybug. We made pictures to help remind us of this cycle.

We learned that one of a ladybug's defense mechanisms is to ooze orange fluid out of their legs. This tastes bad to predators. Another defense mechanism is to lie on their back and play dead. We had fun role-playing this mechanism.

We got to examine live ladybugs and let them go at our school. We learned that they are helpful to our environment, so we do not want to harm them.

On Friday, we got to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday. We read several of his stories and really enjoyed them.

We had fun pretending to be the Cat in the Hat too.

We enjoyed having our 3rd grade buddies come read with us too.

Our class was very proud to receive a Dillo Best Award at the assembly from Ms. Ellis. Way to go!!!


  1. That lady bug song is so cute! We have tons of lady bugs in our field right now and the kids are obsessed with catching them! This song would be great to teach them! :)


    Apples and ABC's

    1. Thanks, that song is Insect's Body from Dr. Jean's Kiss Your Brain CD.