Saturday, March 24, 2012

Week 27

What a busy week! We had so much fun at the rodeo this week. Let's take a look at some of the things we've been learning in Mrs. Langham's room this week.

Our book of the week was Seed Secrets. At first, the students thought this was a fiction book because seeds can't tell secrets, but they were able to look at the story structure and quickly realize that this was a non-fiction book. We learned so much about seeds and how they grow.

We also learned the letter Uu with the help of Uncle Ugbee. The students love to sing this song as Uncle Ugbee is quite the unusual fellow and sometimes goes out walking in his underwear! Our sight words this week were "here" and "was".

In science, we began to learn about living and nonliving things. We discussed their characteristics. At first, the students thought that all living things moved. Then we realized that a car moves, but it isn't alive. Living things grow, eat, drink, need air and reproduce. We sorted living and nonliving things as a group and made posters out of them.

In math, we read the book Mouse Counts again. We used it to help us learn about combining things as we began our addition unit.

We also practiced some new addition games. We used the number line to help us "hop the line" when we are adding or subtracting numbers. We focused on +1 and +2 and -1 and -2 this week.

Many of us saw the Dr. Seuss movie, The Lorax over spring break. We were excited to get a freebie mustache advertising the movie. Aren't they cute?

Thursday was our big trip to the rodeo. Many of us were so excited as this was the first time we were on the school bus.

We got to learn how cowboys use to round up cattle and we got to taste a biscuit cooked over the fire.

Here we are outside as a class waiting for the pig races.

We were in section 2 and we got to cheer for pig number 2 during the races. We were happy when our pig won the last race. 

We learned about lemurs and got to pet one.

The petting zoo was our favorite.

Our lunch was later than normal, but it was probably another highlight of our field trip. We enjoyed eating in the rodeo arena.

Our bus ride home....we had fun but we were tired too.

Friday we had a dental hygienist come and talk to us about taking care of our teeth (pictures to follow later).

We also had pajama day!


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