Friday, March 30, 2012

Week 28

Here are some sweet pictures of our pajama day from last Friday. Unfortunately, my sub forgot to take pictures of the visit from the dentist, but from what I hear, they really enjoyed it and learned healthy practices for keeping their teeth clean.

This was such a hard and busy week for us as the older grades had STAAR testing and we were unable to go to recess and had shortened specials. We did a lot of Mr. Marc to keep us moving and tried to work around the rain on other days, so our schedules really got mixed up this week.

We are welcoming a new student, Malaysia this week. She has a twin sister in Ms. Edward's class too, so you might be seeing double. So glad to have you join our class.

We had a review week in language arts. Our focus book was Sunflower House. We made predictions on why this book was called Sunflower House. Our sight words were "they", "by", and "from".

During our journal time, sometimes we have trouble trying to come up with something to write about. Mrs. Langham showed us an idea to help us generate ideas. Mrs. Langham made a map of a place that was special to her. She drew her house that she grew up in and the surrounding area. She marked an X on each place that she had a memory that might make a good story. We also made maps of places that were near and dear to our hearts and kept them in our writing drawers. That way when we have difficulty generating ideas, we can refer to our maps. Here is Mrs. Langham's quick sketch of her map.

In science, we continued on our focus of living and nonliving things. We took a nature walk out to Hill Harbor and we identified living and nonliving items and recorded them in our journals.

We read some books to learn more about living things.

We made a chart of characteristics of living things. We determined whether or not the following items were living or nonliving based on what we learned.

We looked at a powerpoint to determine what items were living and nonliving. Some items we learned about were living at one time, but after picked from a tree or pulled from the ground, they are no longer alive. Mrs. Langham gave us each a picture of an item. Based on the information we just learned, we had to decide if the item could move by itself, grow and change, breathe, eat and drink water and reproduce. If we could answer yes to all of these questions, then the item was living. Each child made a presentation to the class on their item that they recorded in their science journal.

In math, we continued learning about addition and subtraction. We read several math books that we easily recognized patterns and were able to predict what would come next if we added one more or took one away. Here are just a few of the books that we read.

But our favorite book was this one.

That is because we got to practice subtraction by playing musical chairs. We loved this game so much that we had to play it twice.

And our two winners, Carla and Garrett.

We also learned that adding or subtracting zero gives you the same number. And, if you subtract the same number from itself, you get zero. We read this book below to help us get a concept of zero.

We ended our week learning about some musical instruments through the help of the Austin Symphony. We learned about the flute, piccolo,oboe, bassoon and clarinet.

Don't forget to check your child's take-home folder for report cards today. We will have Friday, April 6th off for Good Friday and Monday, April 9th off for a bad weather day, so we have a 4 day weekend coming up. Enjoy!

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