Friday, April 6, 2012

Week 29

Happy Good Friday. I hope you are enjoying your time with your families. Everyone's coming to our house for Easter lunch, so I'm busy cooking, cleaning and of course playing with Noah.

Here's what happened in our class this week. Our letters were Gg (Gus the Goat) and Ww (Willie and Wanda Walrus). We liked learning both of these silly songs. Our sight words were "he" and "she".

Our book of the week was called Beetles.

We continued learning more about insects this week. We also read a book about dragonflies and made one too.

In math, we began to learn how to add 10 to a given number. We read the book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. We then picked a cookie and counted the chocolate chips on them. We drew the cookie and then added 10 to that number. We formed our number sentence. After doing several problems, we worked together to come up with a chart to notice what patterns happen when you add 10 to a given number.

We practiced using the tens frame to make combinations of adding ten to a given number.

We then applied our knowledge to a worksheet using tens frames and wrote the equations. We also worked on finishing our math journals as a review this week.

In science, we learned about oviparous animals. We listened to a song about oviparous aniamals and read a book about them. We were surprised at how many animals came from eggs.

We made our own book about Eggs and animals that come from them.

We had fun making our duck/bunny crafts too.

We enjoyed our visitors this week. Ms. Phillips came to help teach us about cooperation and problem solving with Can-do and Will-do.

Courtney and Noah came to visit us and play with us on the playground too.

We also enjoyed a visit from our 3rd grade buddies at Hill Harbor.


  1. You have lots of cute stuff going on!! I'm sorry to say though that you've been tagged. Come over to my blog to answer some fun but silly questions.


    ♥Teaching Little Apples♥

  2. The little ones love insects and other creepy-crawlies, don't they? :)

    Stickers, Scissors, and Smiles