Saturday, April 14, 2012

Week 30

We had another short week packed full of fun. Here's a look at what we are doing in kindergarten.

Our book of the week was Fish Faces and our sight words were "has" and "look".

We learned two letters this week, Xx with Foxy Roxy and Vv with Victor the Vulture.

In science, we began a unit on dinosuars in preparation for our field trip on April 25th to the Dino Park. We came into our classroom and found a large egg. We had to make inferences and guess what was inside the egg.

After Mrs. Langham gave us clues, we came up with new predictions based on the clue. After 3 clues, it was revealed what was inside (a dinosaur). This was a great way to start our unit and to build excitement.

We read a few books about dinosaurs and we talked about meat eaters (carnivores), plant eaters (herbivores) and plant and meat eaters (omnivores). We related it to characteristics of a dinosaur and created a Venn diagram based on our information.

In social studies we distinguished the difference between wants and needs. We made houses and we put things we need to live inside the house and we put our wants on the outside of the house.

This led to our science topic of basic needs of animals. We talked about different things that animals need to survive and learned they were very similar to our needs to. That is because we are animals too called mammals. We did a hidden puzzle search to find basic needs of animals.

In math, we began to subtract 10 from a given number. We started by reading the book, Please Don't Eat the Teacher. This book was about a shark named Sammy who had a problem eating almost everything he came into contact with. We related this to subtraction.

Then we worked in groups in solving some Sammy subraction problems while using manipulatives to help us. We learned that the number in the ones place always stays the same when adding or subtracting ten. We are only changing the number in the tens place.

We were introduced to a new fact family card to show the communicative property of addition and subtraction. Each student was given a triangle that had 3 numbers on it, all part of a fact family. The student had to come up with 4 addition and subtraction problems for each group. For instance, if the numbers were 18, 10 and 8 the problems would be 8+10=18, 10+8=18, 18-8=10, 18-10=8.

We practiced playing a few games with subtracting 10 and had lots of fun with our partners.

We were excited to go to our 3rd grade buddy classroom and see the crayfish that they had been learning about in science. Most students did not know what a crayfish was before visiting and many got to touch one while they visited. Now we are looking forward to studying about crayfish when we go to 3rd grade too. Thanks for inviting us, Mrs. Armstrong!

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