Friday, April 20, 2012

Week 31

The days of school are starting to wind down, but we are still learning lots in kindergarten. It was another review week in language arts. Our new sight words were "who", "will" and "jump". We focused on word families. This helps us learn to sound out words and to work on rhyming. Here are some that we constructed in class.

We continued our study of dinosaurs this week. Our book of the week was called, If the Dinosaurs Came Back. We are easily distinguishing fiction from non-fiction.

We have been waiting to do the Mr. Marc about dinosaurs. It was one of our favorites. I love how the students can learn so much and stay active at the same time.

We read a book about what happened to the dinosaurs and we learned many theories. We also learned that scientists do not know the exact reason why dinosaurs are extinct.

A long time ago, all of the 7 continents were together and formed one big super continent called Pangea. It is believed that dinosaurs were alive during this time. We learned a song about continents and we drew what Pangea looked like and how our continents have shifted into what they look like today.

We read about our favorite dinosaur, the T-Rex and wrote facts about him in a bubble map.

It was fun to piece together pieces of T-Rex and to paint his bones.

We read a book about digging up bones and learned that a paleontologist digs up dinosaur bones.

Then we got to pretend to be paleontologists. We had to carefully remove bones (chocolate chips) from the soil (chocolate chip cookie) with our tools (toothpicks). We learned that this was much harder than it seemed and it took quite a bit of time, or the bones (chocolate chips) could easily get chipped or broken. Paleontologists need of patience.

We enjoyed looking at models of dinosaurs and realizing how hard it must have been for paleontologists to piece the bones back together after excavating them.

We also got to play with some of Mrs. Langham's toy dinosaurs. We are so excited for our field trip to the Dino Park next week!
In math this week, we learned about doubles. We read the book Double the Ducks as an introduction to this unit.

We did a lot of practicing doubling numbers to ten and worked on doubling animals at a farm. We used manipulatives to help us with part, part, whole. In other words, when you have two groups (parts) you join or add them together to make a whole. It was a good visual representation to notice that if you have the same of a given number, when doubling it gets twice as big.

Then we enjoyed playing a game called squares to help practice our doubles facts.

We enjoy our math games. They sure are fun! We made a class book. Each child selected a number and they had to represent that number and double it. We wrote our number sentence to match our drawing too.

We had a crazy hat and hair day on Friday!

And we were excited to get a surprise visit from Noah. He enjoyed playing with Legos.

He loved Clifford.

But his favorite thing to do is to read and sing Pete the Cat. We loved reading with Noah.

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