Friday, May 11, 2012

Week 34

What a fantastic Teacher Appreciation Week I had. I want to thank each and every one of you for making me feel so special. The flowers are gorgeous and have lasted all week. My classroom has never smelled so good. The cards that the students made were just precious. I was really surprised to find my entire class wearing my favorite color with special-made t-shirts. What a neat idea. This is something I will always treasure. I also want to thank you for the gifts and gift cards I received on Friday too. I have thoroughly enjoyed this class!

We had a review week in language arts. Our focus book was Turtle Splash.  We focused on blends this week.

We continued our zoo unit and read some books about zoos.

We learned about the monkey and we made one too.

And we also learned about the lion.

We worked on syllables in a word with our alligator chomps.

We also made alligators.

And we saved the largest land mammal for last, the elephant.

We added to the mural in our classroom.

In science, we compared animals based on their skin (fur, feathers, smooth or scales). We did an activity in which we sorted the animals based on these characteristics.

In math, we learned 4 new games that help teach us our addition facts. We enjoyed playing these games this week as we practiced our facts while Mrs. Langham was busy assessing us on these skills.

In addition to all this learning, we also got to watch the 5th graders blast their rockets into the sky. This was really neat to see.  We were amazed at how far they went.

Murchison Middle School came and put on a play called The Frog Prince. We thought this was really fun and enjoyed seeing a fairy tale come to life.

And, Ms. Phillips came to our room to teach us how to be bucket-fillers.

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