Saturday, November 4, 2017

Week 10 and 11

The last 2 weeks, we have done a PBL (project based learning). All of our activities have centered around learning about spiders. We have researched about spiders and written about spiders. We have learned so much about spiders. We have put all of our learning together in a book that will be sent home next week. Below is some of the learning from our PBL unit. Some of the pictures are also from our trip to the Innovation Station too.


Saturday, October 21, 2017

Week 9

Week 9 was all about pumpkins. We read many books to learn about pumpkins and created a KWL chart with our learning. We learned about the pumpkin life cycle and the parts of a pumpkin. We created a craft that is posted outside of our door diagramming the parts of a pumpkin. The best part was opening our pumpkins and looking inside.

In reading, we learned about characters. We read several books and identified the characters. They can be people, animals or things. We enjoyed listening to a story read by Horacio's dad. Thank you for coming to our classroom to read. We are always looking for parent volunteers, so if you are interested in helping in any way, please email me or one of our room moms.

In math, we began our learning of 3D shapes. We explored cubes, spheres, cones, cylinders, rectangular prisms and pyramids. We had fun creating these shapes with magna tiles, play-doh, Tinker Toys and much more.

In social studies, we learned about the holiday, Diwali. Happy Diwali to those that are celebrating!

We are working on cooperating and we did a table activity where we had to cooperate with our neighbors to put puzzles together. This was so much fun.

Congratulations to Sarah and Kevin who were chosen as my Key Stallions this month.