Saturday, September 24, 2011

Week 5

We have had such a wonderful two weeks with our color unit. Thank you for dressing your child in our color of the day. It sure made it fun for the children and helped to reinforce our learning. Their excitement for the color each day was amazing. This was my first year to do a color unit and it definitely will not be my last. 

We started off with purple day on Monday.
We read three fantastic books about the color purple and had fun pretending to be Harold from the story Harold and the Purple Crayon as we drew our own purple pictures.
We learned about the letter Mm with the help of Marvin the Monkey and we learned the sight word "we" and a song to help us remember the spelling of that word.

In science, we wondered what colors made up the color black. We did a chromatography experiment where we filtered out the colors and learned that many colors mixed together make the color black.
In math some of us were struggling with patterning so we extended it to a different lesson. Mrs. Langham created strings of patterns and we learned that we could make the same pattern in many different ways using different manipulatives. By changing the color or changing the manipulative we learned we still have the same basic pattern.

Tuesday was pink day. We loved this day and we love the pink song about Pinky the Stinky pig.
I loved Garrett's t-shirt he made just for pink day.
We enjoyed reading the story Pinkalicious and Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum. We each got a piece of bubble gum and tried to blow a bubble with our gum. We then graphed how many in our class could blow a bubble. The we made a picture of ourselves either blowing a bubble if we could blow one, or one with our bubble popping if we could not. 
These are displayed outside our classroom. We have received so many compliments from teachers about our beautiful artwork.
We also went to the library on Tuesday and got to check out our own library book to take home. Please remember to return the library book Tuesday so that your child can check out a new one.

Wednesday was black and white day.
We read the book Ten Black Dots. This was a story about how different items were made with black dots. We transferred this story into our own book, One Black Line. We each created a picture using one black line. Many of the students were very creative.
We also read the book Harry the Dirty Dog and enjoyed making our  own Harry Dogs. 
The black song was fun, but the white song was our favorite. We say the word "underwear" in this song and find it very funny.

It looks like I messed up and forgot to take a class picture on brown day, but we still have many pictures to enjoy. We read the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? We then picked our favorite part of the story and illustrated it. We made brown bears and attached our illustration to his tummy. You can find these displayed in the hallway outside of our classroom.

Friday was rainbow day. We enjoyed the book, What Color Are Your Underwear? and the Robert Munsch book Purple, Green and Yellow.
We learned about Roy G. Biv and how his name spells the colors of the rainbow.
Click on the link below to go to the Youtube video that we watched to learn about Roy G. Biv.
In math, we did a lot of extending patterns and predicting what the 11th spot would be if we knew the core pattern. We practiced by making patterned bracelets.

Our focus in social studies this week was how to get along with others and how to make friends. We learned what makes a good friend and how to treat others. We also learned how to introduce ourselves and make friends with others. We have been working on problem-solving so we can work out our small problems.

We enjoyed going to Hill Harbor again on Friday. We also got to meet some classmates from Mrs. Armstrong's 3rd grade class. They will be our buddy class this year. We get together and read books and play games with our buddies. 

Don't forget picture day is on Wednesday, September 28th. Our class picture time is 8:00AM, so please be sure to be on time. Also, if you would like to order pictures, please be sure to send in your order forms before pictures are taken. 

I sent home Scholastic book orders for October. Please send in your book orders by Friday, October 7th. You can also order online. See the FAQ tab on the blog to find out how to do so. There is a Pete the Cat book available this month that I'm sure your child will enjoy.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Conference Times

You can find the schedule for Fall Conferences in the tab at the top of the blog. If you have not scheduled a conference yet, please e-mail Mrs. Langham with your choice of times that are still available and I will send you a confirmation. If you are unable to meet on October 10th, we can meet during my planning time on another day (12:15-1:00) or before or after school. I look forward to meeting with you.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Week 4

It's all about the colors. Thank you so much for wearing your colors this week. We had so much fun learning new songs to help us learn to spell our color words. It all began with the color RED.

We read Mary Wore Her Red Dress. We created a class book by illustrating ourselves wearing a red item and then we each read our own page together as we patterned our book after the story.

We also read The Little Red Hen and The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza. Then we compared the two books using a Venn Diagram.

In science, we worked on making predictions and following science safety rules. We did a milk explosion experiment by adding food coloring to milk.

We then dipped a Q-tip in liquid soap and predicted what happened. Most of the class thought the soap would take the color out of the milk. We were surprised to learn of the rolling colorful rainbow created in the milk.

In math, we began to learn about patterns. We practiced making patterns with sounds by clapping and snapping. We also made patterns with ourselves (boy, girl). We used our math manipulatives to create patterns.

On Tuesday, you will never guess what color we learned about.

We had so much fun reading Dear Mr. Blueberry and Blueberries for Sal. We drew pictures to help us recall story elements from the story. We also practiced our counting skills by drawing blueberries.

We were excited to go to the library today and hear more stories from Mrs. Pustka. We got to check out our own book and bring it back to the classroom. If we do a good job taking care of our books in the class, we will get to bring a library book home next Tuesday.

In science today, we practiced mixing primary colors to make secondary colors.

We loved reading the story Mouse Paint and enjoyed the felt board story that went with it. For awhile, we thought Mrs. Langham was magic by the way she changed the colors of the mice. We then learned her trick. Ask me how she did it.

In math, we explored the AB pattern and practiced making this pattern in our journals. We challenged ourselves to see how many different patterns we could make using two colors in our journals. We learned that in addition to the AB pattern, we could also make an AAB, ABB and an AABB pattern too.

Wednesday was yellow day. We had so much fun learning the yellow color song to the tune "Day-O".

We enjoyed reading the book Dandelion and also The Wheels on the Bus. We created our own school buses in a guided art activity. We then chose 3 friends in our class to ride the bus with us. We added them to our bus and enjoyed writing their names on our pictures.

We had more fun in science mixing colors. We used shaving cream and tempera paint to mix primary colors. See the vivid colors we made.

In math, we practiced making patterns using 3 colors. Our favorite pattern was the ABC pattern. We used many different manipulatives to make patterns.

We began learning more about our handwriting by playing a fun listening game with our "big lines". Here we are tapping our big lines and following the directions of the song.

We also enjoyed making Mat Man with all of our handwriting shapes. We are exploring the big and little lines and curves before we apply them to our handwriting.

Thursday was green day.

We read the book Little Blue and Little Yellow. Then we practiced using our watercolors to mix and make new colors. We really love to paint!

We also read the book The Aminal. It is a story of a little boy who finds an "aminal" and describes it to his friend. Each friend describes it to another friend and before long, they have concocted a huge story about what the aminal is. They go to rescue the boy and the boy shows him his aminal. We learn the aminal is really an animal and that animal is a turtle. We used this story to help us make predictions.

In science, we used tempera paint and made rainbows using just 3 colors of paints. Each child enjoyed making the secondary colors by mixing their own colors together to make all of the colors of the rainbow. This was so much fun and they turned out beautifully.

In math, we used bingo dabbers to make patterns in our pattern book. We had so much fun using the dabbers.

It's Friday and we are not only excited about the Sock Hop tonight, we are excited to wear our orange for orange day.

We read the book Cat's Colors.  Our language arts time was shortened Friday due to Hill Harbor. We found our new favorite thing to do in Kindergarten and were so excited to learn that we get to do this every Friday. Please enjoy the many pictures taken at Hill Harbor. It is hard to resist a child when they say "take my picture". I think they really enjoy looking at themselves on the blog and recalling the fun times they have had.

We worked with our bingo dabbers again to make patterns and finished it off with our math work stations.

We finished our day off by watching a Charlie Brown video about the Constitution and talked about how the Hill Agreements are rules that we follow just like the Constitution.

We look forward to the continuation of learning about colors next week. Here is our schedule:
Monday is purple day
Tuesday is pink day
Wednesday is black and white day
Thursday is brown day
Friday is rainbow day