Friday, September 1, 2017

Week 2

This week in kindergarten, we focused on learning about ourselves. We learned how we are all different, yet the same. We talked about how we are each special and unique. We began learning our letters and sounds and sorting initial sounds of words. We added poems to our poetry notebooks.

In math, we began a unit on thoroughly understanding numbers 1-5. We are not only counting and writing numbers, but we are representing them and learning what comes before and after each number. We are making sets and reading many number stories. We have learned poems to help us write each number too.

We learned about what science is, what scientists do and we even did an experiment this week. You can see from the pictures below that we tested what happens when you add Mentos to Diet Coke and M&Ms to Diet Coke. I love their expressions on their faces during this experiment. We made predictions and recorded them in our journals. 

We are continuing to learn about the rules in kindergarten. Blue folders were sent home today for the first time. This records your child's behavior for the day. Please return these folders daily. Each child starts out on green each day and has the opportunity to move up for positive behavior or down for negative behavior. Your child's color will be recorded each day. Please initial and return. Also, please remember to return Thursday folders on Friday.

Lastly, we got to visit the library for the first time. Our library day will be each Friday. Please be sure to return your child's library book in the provided Ziploc bag each Friday morning so that they can check out a new book.

Have a great 3 day weekend and I hope to see you on Wednesday night for the open house.

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